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Meet our Members

Aditi Basu


" I am a nature lover always seeking the meaning of life and love; fond of Art, Music, Photography, Reading and travelling. I like to be a good listener. I expect Planet Solace would serve a sensitive and encouraging platform for people to overcome psychological obstacles."

Sayantan Mallick

Finance Professional

" Hi, I am Sayantan Mallick, a finance professional with a photographic eye. I know that “money” & “mind” is a rare combination. But a happy mind is priceless. Trust me, capturing the happiest moments of everyone’s life is so relaxing and refreshing. A smile in a photo makes it more lovable and to give a real smile you need to have a happy mind. Planet Solace will help you to keep your mind healthy and happy."

Madhurima Sarkar

M.Sc., Ph.D.(Biochemistry)

" Hi, I am Dr. Madhurima Sarkar, who wears white coat and work in laboratory. Yes, I am biomedical researcher, but not a grumpy scientist. In my scientific journey I want to contribute to society and to break the stereotypes of “women in science”. Another love is food. To me food is a language through which you can connect with anyone. I love to interact with people. Different people have different life stories & their stories keep me motivated. I am an optimistic person & always see positive side of life. Hope to connect with different people through Planet Solace to share happiness & positive thoughts."

Ruby Das


" A nomadic soul who wants to explore all the alleys of life with a pretty smile on her face. Hello all, this is Ruby Das and I hold interests in music, food and philanthropy. I'm a whole hearted food blogger and a post-graduate on English Literature who is currently serving as a quality calibrator in an IT company. The sole purpose of my life is to spread happiness and positivity in every way possible. We will surely be founding a 'planet full of solace' by putting all our heart-work together."

Rudrani Chatterjee

M.Phil.(Clin.Psy), Ph.D.(Psychology)

" Hello, I am Rudrani Chatterjee. I am a trained listener. It is my profession to comfort people; walk beside them as they muster up the courage to walk through their pain. There is something in the rain and something about stories that touches the right cords for me. I feel content to be sitting on Planet Solace with people I admire and waiting for you to step in and be a part."

Soumendu Dutta

BE, Telecom Professional.

" Being a technology professional, I always need to stride forward to achieve some organizational and personal goals. But while doing the same in this fast paced world sometimes I forgot to be part of the overall socital ecosystem, act on something which adds some value in individuals life and creates Happiness. For me Happiness is all about how you perceive your surrounding. I belief its indeed a great task to create a cheerful and forward looking environment which will inturn make others happy. In this journey with Planet Solace I am trying to put some small steps which could add some joyous and happy moments to individual's life irrespective of the strata of the society they belong to and create happiness in me as well.."

Saranya Banerjee

M.Sc., M.Phil.(Clin.Psy)

" I am Saranya and by profession I am a Clinical Psychologist. I believe all individuals are like phoenixes, who are capable of rising from their own ashes and that is what I practice in my profession: empowering people so that they too can rise from their own ashes. My biggest strength is that I can adapt to any situation and instead of trying to change the situation, I use all my resources to make the best use of that situation. I am also a believer of Buddhist philosophy and I try my best to take the ‘middle path’ in every aspect of my life. Other than this, I also love travelling and exploring"

Monalisa Patra


" Hello. I am Monalisa, I am a teacher, a researcher and also an entrepreneur. I love travelling, observing and interacting with people. I do believe that mental health should be a part of our regular discussion and the stigma attached to it should be thrown away. I do believe that Planet Solace will make an empathetic and inclusive platform for such discussions and will reach out to the community spreading a positive note."

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