Planet solace is a registered not for profit organization that promotes well-being, enhances positive mindset, provides care and support to the people with psychological distress and facilitates growth and empowerment. Our journey began with the multidisciplinary interaction in the context of overcoming personal crises and searching for an integral strategy of looking beyond. This common platform has been created to hold hands and trust the essence of life. Planet Solace contemplates positive work engagement along with multidimensional self-expression.

Our Mission

Planet Solace has trained professionals who engage in evidence-based practices:

1. To promote awareness and a sense of well-being;

2. To provide skill-development training and distress management;

3. To encourage artistic pursuits and realisation of one's maximum potential.

Our Vision

Planet Solace believes in the social obligation of creating an environment where happiness and wellbeing would be an outcome. Enhancing awareness for better living and appreciation of different facets of life are critical features of the journey of life. It promotes a platform where an individual would nurture and flourish a versatile expression of self. This initiative not only addresses the alleviation of agony and distress but also emphasizes providing a wide array of positive experiences, wellbeing and happiness.