Planet solace is a registered not for profit organization that promotes well-being, enhances positive mindset, provides care and support to the people with psychological distress and facilitates growth and empowerment. Our journey began with the multidisciplinary interaction in the context of overcoming personal crises and searching for an integral strategy of looking beyond. This common platform has been created to hold hands and trust the essence of life. Planet Solace contemplates positive work engagement along with multidimensional self-expression.


Words & Expressions

All our lives are unique journeys. The experiences we gather, the emotions we feel and the learnings we receive are all worth sharing. Maybe, some people in a far corner of this vast world will resonate with your words and it will bring a sweet smile to their faces.

Through the Lens

Life is like a blank canvas - we fill it with our memories, experiences and learning. And what's better than preserving such moments "through the lens"? If you are the one who loves to capture unique instances and spread happiness through that- this is the correct platform for you!

Picasso & Piano

Amidst the endless hustle and complexities of today's globalised world, the human mind seeks liberation. We, at planet solace, attempt to generate and nurture the positive impact that the creative arts can facilitate, to embalm the human soul in times of distress and create a


Cultural event

Esho Golpo Shuni


Esho Golpo Shuni

Story Telling

Esho Golpo Shuni