Meet our Trustee

Dr. Sanjukta Das (Author)

M.Phil (M&SP), Ph.D.(Psychology)

" I have a passion to explore treasures of life and I love to get connected with others through the understanding of their pain and ecstasy. Long experience with mind and psyche made me fascinated by the magical power of words, colours and melodies. I believe Planet Solace would create a platform to help people try to seek solace by synchronizing their own suffering and happiness with that of the world. I hope to generate an outlook to explore own unnoticed resources and happiness of sharing."

Pinaki Sarkar (Author)

M.B.B.S., M.D.

" Born in Calcutta and enjoyed the fun and frolic of the late eighties and nineties. A quintessential Bengali who is a sports lover with keen interest in movies and fiction. A politically conscious youth, later went on to be a medical professional. Spent days of youth and midlife in rural Bengal and has experienced the sufferings of life from close quarters. Enjoyed writing research articles and features in health periodicals and worked in Government, Corporate and NGO sectors. In planet solace, people from several backgrounds will share own life experiences, skills and thoughts which will usher positivity. I am feeling proud to be a partner in this journey."

Pritanka Mondol

M.A., Ph.D.(Psychology)

" Hi I am Pritanka. To me life is like a boat full of unique experience. This belief has always enthused me to acquire new knowledge and share them. As I like to interact with people, my belief and expression has brought me closer to people who feel happy in caring and accepting life as it comes by. At present being a mental health professional, I try to help bring this positive aspect of life into being in others too. Apart from this, I always like to connect with people who bring forward new ideas and thoughts."

Nabamita Chakraborty

M.A., Ph.D.(Psychology)

" I have a Ph.D. in Psychology and I am a assistant professor of Psychology by profession. My research interests are centered around child and adult development, positive personal growth, adaptive potentials and strengths of the developing human being. I share my musical skills and knowledge of fine arts in general, with the broader goals of Planet Solace and I am excited to be a part of this quest for deep tranquility and healing."

Saptodwipa Sarkar

Student of B.A.LLB

" I am Saptodwipa, a budding legal professional and a devoted Art and Music lover. Being a law student, I sincerely attempt to combine the contemporary corporate values with my deep-rooted social value system and reflect the amalgamation in my work. As an avid reader and research enthusiast, I try to nurture and encourage perspectives and openness. I feel compassion and empathy can solve issues that arguments and reason fail to do. Through this initiative, I hope to radiate positivity and Socio-legal awareness to the world."