An International webinar on Music and Healing: An Experiential journey

 On the 11th of July, Planet Solace organized a webinar on “Music & Healing- An experiential journey”. The webinar was held on the Zoom platform at 6pm in the evening.  The purpose of this webinar was to create awareness about the healing components of music and to enlighten participants with the knowledge about the varied impact of music through an experiential interactive discourse. It was further aimed to provide glimpses of Indian Classical Music and its mesmerizing impact. The audience comprised of several professionals and other music lovers as well summing up to a total of about 100 participants. Participants engaged with this experience from different parts of the globe.

After the welcome of distinguished speaker Ms Emily Carruthers, eminent young vocalist Mr. Saptak Chatterjee and all participants by Dr. Nabamita Chakraborty , a brief preamble about Planet Solace was presented by Ms. Saptodwipa Sarkar. Thereafter Dr. Nabamita Chakraborty introduced the concept of scientific impact of music and the worldwide acknowledgment of this concept.

The first section was a presentation and speech by a certified music and Psychotherapist, Ms Emily Carruthers. She is Experientials Placement Coordinator, Ffaculty of Music Registered Psychotherapist & Certified Music Therapist Wilfrid Laurier University of Canada. Emily spoke about the healing properties of music and did an interactive session at the end of the programme, along with a live musical demonstration incorporated in her lecture. Her excellent deliberation made the programme successful.

The second session comprised of a live musical performance by an eminent young artist Mr. Saptak Chatterjee.  He is an Indian Classical Vocalist and Music Producer from India.He presented two semi-classical musical compositions on Ragas Jayjayanti and Tilak Kamod . He also participated in the interactive session. His splendid performance not only impressed all participants but also helped them to realize the incredible impact of music.

After that a question-answer session was conducted by Dr. Pritanka Mondal and Ms Emily Carruthers answered all queries of participants.

At the end of programme on behalf of Planet Solace Dr. Madhurima Sarkar extended vote of thanks to all. The entire programme was anchored by Dr. Nabamita Chakraborty.

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